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Reinstall a node#

k0sctl currently does not support changing all the configuration of containerd (state, root) on the fly.

For example, in order to move containerd's root directory to a new partition/drive, you have to provide --data-dir /new/drive in your k0sctl installFlags for each (worker) node. --data-dir is an option of k0s and then added to the service unit.

The following is an example of that:

# spec.hosts[*].installFlags
  - role: worker
      - --profile flatcar
      - --enable-cloud-provider
      - --data-dir /new/drive
      - --kubelet-extra-args="--cloud-provider=external"

However, the installFlags are only used when the node is installed.


Drain the node:

kubectl drain node.hostname

Access your node (e.g. via ssh) to stop and reset k0s:

sudo k0s stop
sudo k0s reset

Reboot the node (for good measure):

sudo systemctl reboot

Once the node is available again, run k0sctl apply to integrate it into your cluster and uncordon the node to allow pods to be scheduled:

k0sctl apply -c config.yaml
kubectl uncordon node.hostname