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Custom CRI runtime#

k0s supports users bringing their own CRI runtime (for example, docker). In which case, k0s will not start nor manage the runtime, and it is fully up to the user to configure it properly.

To run a k0s worker with a custom CRI runtime use the option --cri-socket. It takes input in the form of <type>:<socket> where:

  • type: Either remote or docker. Use docker for pure docker setup, remote for anything else.
  • socket: Path to the socket, examples: unix:///var/run/docker.sock

To run k0s with pre-existing docker setup run the worker with k0s worker --cri-socket docker:unix:///var/run/docker.sock <token>.

When docker is used as a runtime, k0s will configure kubelet to create the dockershim socket at /var/run/dockershim.sock.