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k0s is an all-inclusive Kubernetes distribution with all the required bells and whistles preconfigured to make building a Kubernetes clusters a matter of just copying an executable to every host and running it.

Key Features#

  • Packaged as a single static binary
  • Self-hosted, isolated control plane
  • Variety of storage backends: etcd, SQLite, MySQL (or any compatible), PostgreSQL
  • Elastic control-plane
  • Vanilla upstream Kubernetes
  • Supports custom container runtimes (containerd is the default)
  • Supports custom Container Network Interface (CNI) plugins (calico is the default)
  • Supports x86_64 and arm64

Join the Community#

If you'd like to help build k0s, please check out our guide to Contributing and our Code of Conduct.


k0s demo

Downloading k0s#

Download k0s for linux amd64 and arm64 architectures.

Getting Started#

Creating A k0s Cluster