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Environment variables#

k0s install does not support environment variables.

Setting environment variables for components used by k0s depends on the used init system. The environment variables set in k0scontroller or k0sworker service will be inherited by k0s components, such as etcd, containerd, konnectivity, etc.

Component specific environment variables can be set in k0scontroller or k0sworker service. For example: for CONTAINERD_HTTPS_PROXY, the prefix CONTAINERD_ will be stripped and converted to HTTPS_PROXY in the containerd process.

For those components having env prefix convention such as ETCD_xxx, they are handled specially, i.e. the prefix will not be stripped. For example, ETCD_MAX_WALS will still be ETCD_MAX_WALS in etcd process.

The proxy envs HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY, NO_PROXY are always overridden by component specific environment variables, so ETCD_HTTPS_PROXY will still be converted to HTTPS_PROXY in etcd process.


Create a drop-in directory and add config file with a desired environment variable:

mkdir -p /etc/systemd/system/k0scontroller.service.d
tee -a /etc/systemd/system/k0scontroller.service.d/http-proxy.conf <<EOT


Export desired environment variable overriding service configuration in /etc/conf.d directory:

echo 'export HTTP_PROXY=""' > /etc/conf.d/k0scontroller