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k0s - The Zero Friction Kubernetes#

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k0s is an open source, all-inclusive Kubernetes distribution, which is configured with all of the features needed to build a Kubernetes cluster. Due to its simple design, flexible deployment options and modest system requirements, k0s is well suited for

  • Any cloud
  • Bare metal
  • Edge and IoT

k0s drastically reduces the complexity of installing and running a CNCF certified Kubernetes distribution. With k0s new clusters can be bootstrapped in minutes and developer friction is reduced to zero. This allows anyone with no special skills or expertise in Kubernetes to easily get started.

k0s is distributed as a single binary with zero host OS dependencies besides the host OS kernel. It works with any Linux without additional software packages or configuration. Any security vulnerabilities or performance issues can be fixed directly in the k0s distribution that makes it extremely straightforward to keep the clusters up-to-date and secure.

What happened to Github stargazers?#

In September 2022 we made a human error while creating some build automation scripts&tools for the Github repository. Our automation accidentally changed the repo to a private one for few minutes. That itself is not a big deal and everything was restored quickly. But the nasty side effect is that it also removed all the stargazers at that point. :(

Before that mishap we had 4776 stargazers, making k0s one of the most popular Kubernetes distro out there.

So if you are reading this, and have not yet starred k0s repo we would highly appreciate the :star: to get our numbers closer to what they used to be.

Key Features#

Getting Started#

Quick Start Guide for creating a full Kubernetes cluster with a single node.


k0s demo

Community Support#

  • Lens Forums - Request for support and help from the Lens and k0s community.
  • GitHub Issues - Submit your issues and feature requests via GitHub.

We welcome your help in building k0s! If you are interested, we invite you to check out the Contributing Guide and the Code of Conduct.

Community hours#

We will be holding regular community hours. Everyone in the community is welcome to drop by and ask questions, talk about projects, and chat.

We currently have a monthly office hours call on the last Tuesday of the month.

To see the call details in your local timezone, check out

Commercial Support#

Mirantis offers technical support, professional services and training for k0s. The support subscriptions include, for example, prioritized support (Phone, Web, Email) and access to verified extensions on top of your k0s cluster.

For any k0s inquiries, please contact us via email