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Testing Your Code#

k0s uses github actions to run automated tests on any PR, before merging. However, a PR will not be reviewed before all tests are green, so to save time and prevent your PR from going stale, it is best to test it before submitting the PR.

Run Local Verifications#

Please run the following style and formatting commands and fix/check-in any changes:

  1. Linting

    We use golangci-lint for style verification. In the repository's root directory, simply run:

    make lint
  2. Go fmt

    go fmt ./...
  3. Pre-submit Flight Checks

    In the repository root directory, make sure that:

    * make build runs successfully. * make check-basic runs successfully. * make check-unit has no errors. * make check-hacontrolplane runs successfully.

    Please note that this last test is prone to "flakiness", so it might fail on occasion. If it fails constantly, take a deeper look at your code to find the source of the problem.

    If you find that all tests passed, you may open a pull request upstream.

Opening A Pull Request#

Draft Mode#

You may open a pull request in draft mode. All automated tests will still run against the PR, but the PR will not be assigned for review. Once a PR is ready for review, transition it from Draft mode, and code owners will be notified.

Conformance Testing#

Once a PR has been reviewed and all other tests have passed, a code owner will run a full end-to-end conformance test against the PR. This is usually the last step before merging.

Pre-Requisites for PR Merge#

In order for a PR to be merged, the following conditions should exist:

  1. The PR has passed all the automated tests (style, build & conformance tests).
  2. PR commits have been signed with the --signoff option.
  3. PR was reviewed and approved by a code owner.
  4. PR is rebased against upstream's main branch.