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System requirements#

Verify that your environment meets the system requirements for k0s.


The minimum hardware requirements for k0s detailed below are approximations and thus results may vary.

Role Virtual CPU (vCPU) Memory (RAM)
Controller node 1 vCPU (2 recommended) 1 GB (2 recommended)
Worker node 1 vCPU (2 recommended) 0.5 GB (1 recommended)
Controller + worker 1 vCPU (2 recommended) 1 GB (2 recommended)

Note: Use an SSD for optimal storage performance (cluster latency and throughput are sensitive to storage).

The specific storage consumption for k0s is as follows:

Role Storage (k0s part)
Controller node ~0.5 GB
Worker node ~1.3 GB
Controller + worker ~1.7 GB

Note: The operating system and application requirements must be considered in addition to the k0s part.

Host operating system#

  • Linux (kernel v3.10 or later)
  • Windows Server 2019


  • x86-64
  • ARM64
  • ARMv7


For information on the ports that k0s needs to function, refer to networking.

OS dependencies#

In most cases k0s does NOT have any OS level dependencies. The needed kernel configurations are documented here.